Marine Tourism Training

The Gempearl management team’s commitment to training and the marine environment is evident by its long-term support and active involvement with industry bodies such as;

  • Australian Standards committees, 25 years
  • AMPTO, the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators, 15 years
  • Dive Queensland, formally QDTAA, 25 years
  • AMTN-Cairns, Australian Marine Training Network Cairns, 10 years
  • Successful implementation of the training and employment model proposed will ensure that the industry has a holistic skill set to address its entire workforce needs enabling each operator to partner with RTO’s for the delivery of competency based training.

With years of training experience Gempearl understands the importance of learning transfer and that businesses’ need their staff to return from training ready to apply what they learned immediately and accurately to a project.  Gempearl puts in place a structured training approach to ensure this happens resulting in enhanced productivity.

Gempearl has played an important role in an employment initiative which has addressed a vital skill requirement across all operators of the Queensland Marine Tourism industry.  Its involvement in key training projects in the industry has set a benchmark for best practice in skilling employees, and placing the industry at an advantage in the world market place.  An example of a Gempearl Training Solution is outlined below.

Crown of Thorns Starfish (CoTS) Control Program
Skilling Queenslanders for Work

The project was designed to assist in the control of the Crown of Thorns Starfish infestations on reefs highly valuable to the Queensland tourism industry.  The project, which combines accredited training and work placement, has assisted a total of 105 unemployed people gain diving qualifications which has enabled them to be employed within the tourism and/or seafood harvesting industries.  A further 15 trainees are currently employed and are engaged in the training and protection of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Gempearl’s position as the company project managers of the Crown of Thorns Starfish Control Training programs is to provide high quality trainers, resulting in well trained and highly skilled trainees.

Gempearl believes the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) needs to be protected for future generations, but while the protection of the environment and the GBR is essential it believes it must be commercially sustainable.  As a $ 4 billion dollar industry and earner for Queensland, Gempearl’s philosophy is that money spent on training the best trained people to do the job is just common sense.

To achieve this Gempearl has addressed many issues peculiar to the industry and the working environment such as;

  • licensing requirements
  • Occupational Health & Safety concerns, learning to scuba dive and cull toxic undersea animals
  • Prohibitive costs of training in scuba
  • Prohibitive cost of equipment

Gempearl is currently delivering its 6th COTS Control program and has developed what is considered by both the marine industry and trainees to be the ideal way of training. There are currently two new programs scheduled to commence. The first will start in July 2014 and the second in January 2015, both programs will take on 10 trainees each.

A quote by Desely Boyle former member for Cairns;

“The Crown of Thorns Starfish Program has been a great success. It is vital for the protection of the coral reefs off Cairns. Without this program the coral that attracts tourism to our region will be seriously affected and this will rapidly lead to a decline in visitor satisfaction followed inevitably by a falling off in visitor numbers. As tourism is the largest employer in the Cairns region this program is also important for local employment. It has enabled long term unemployed people to access training which has led to long term employment for many participants.”