Business Advisory Services

Gempearl Business Advisory Services aims to maximise the growth potential, prosperity and sustainability of small businesses through enhanced access to information and advice on issues important to establishing, sustaining and/or growing a small business.

It can assist businesses achieve these objectives by improving the business and/or financial management skills.

Gempearl advisory services include:

• business management
• financial management
• business planning
• mentoring for business
• general business advice

Audit & Compliance Management

Compliance is an important business concern. With an ever-increasing number of regulations required for a company to be in compliance and for it to keep up-to-date with new legislation is challenging. Gempearl director, Col McKenzie, has consulted with government and industry on the establishment of guidelines, specifications and legislation for the Marine Tourism Industry. Gempearl operations manager, Steve Moon, is qualified and skilled at assisting businesses develop to meet safety, environmental, quality and OSO/ISM requirements.

Gempearl is ideally positioned to assist business operators put in place all necessary systems to address accountability issues.

Project Management

Gempearl understands project management. It has a track record of bringing leadership, strategic advice, clear communication and meticulous attention to detail to a range of projects within the marine and business sectors. Identifying and delivering human resource requirements to match the project on hand can be a key to success.

Gempearl is skilled at co-ordinating inputs, both people and materials, to achieve project goals on time and on budget. Gempearl knows that good project management goes together with efficient planning and thorough consultation with all stakeholders.

Gempearl’s depth of experience ensures that each project receives specialist knowledge and attention necessary for success. Its management team works together to deliver smart project solutions.

Education & Training

Education and training is strongly embedded in Gempearl’s culture and it has played an active role in training within the marine and dive tourism industries.

Gempearl can deliver training for your business in the following areas:

• Marine & Scuba Training
• Workplace Health & Safety
• First Aid
• Business Skills