Dive RAID South East Asia

Gempearl is committed to innovation and development of new technologies and standards within the marine dive industry and as such has incorporated Dive RAID under its umbrella.  Gempearl is the driving force behind Dive Raid South East Asia delivering cutting edging diver training in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Dive RAID is the most advanced training model in the world today.

Dive RAID training is a culmination of years of experience gained in the SCUBA training industry and assimilation of the best skill development from across the board combined and presented with the very latest technology to provide unmatched quality control SCUBA diver training.

Dive RAID training is presented to the student through the internet on a systems developed platform after careful study of long distance learn techniques from Australia to the USA. The system is now the most comprehensive e-learning programme in the world.

The system has been designed to integrate academic learning with practical facilitator lead development. The progressive learning system incorporates quality control throughout and interlinks the training facility with the student and instructor, providing a structure which ensures stands control and transparency.

Dive RAID is a full service training agency covering all aspects of diving education.  It provides a unique approach to quality assurance, diver training programs that leaves divers with real confidence to continue diving, keeping the sport vibrant.  Dive RAID provides complete online training products, nearly paperless administration for dive stores, dive pros and new divers.

The Dive RAID system allows consumers to use laptops, IPad, tablets, smart TV’s and smartphones to sign up for training and study up-to-date course content.

Quality assurance covers every diver at all levels, ensuring standards are kept high.  Safety is paramount to the Dive RAID philosophy.