Expert Witness Services

Gempearl’s management team have extensive knowledge and experience within the marine industry.

Gempearl director, Col McKenzie, was instrumental in the development and introduction of safety standards and operational procedures
for the dive industry.  Col developed the code of practice for the marine dive tourism industry and represents the industry on approximately
38 boards and committees.  Resulting from this close involvement he is able to stay abreast of industry changes in regulation ensuring
his advice is always current.

As a result of this lengthy involvement Col has acquired the education, training, skill and experience to be recognised as an expert in the
field of marine diving operations.  He has specialised knowledge in this area sufficient that others officially and legally rely upon his opinion.
Col has the technical expertise to evaluate the facts or the actions undertaken by an individual or company and provide and expert opinion on the matter.

Gempearl has the capability to deliver expert opinion in the areas of work place health and safety and best practices in the Marine Dive Industry.